Marc DraperMCD3_GRAD

30+ Years of Achievement
o Associate Degree - Reading Area Community College ‘93
o Bachelors’ Degree Program - 24 Credits - Villanova University
o Business Certificate w/ Honors - SCI Frackville Business Program
- Business Ethics
- Payroll Accounting w/ Honors
- Microsoft Office - Access / PowerPoint
- Microsoft Office - WordPerfect/Excel
- Small Business Management w/ Honors
- Investments / Economics
- Advanced Mathematics
- Accounting II
- Federal Income Tax
- Algebra
- Accounting I
o Post Injury Fitness Training Certificate
o Sports Injury Training Certificate
o Literacy and Your Community Certificate
o Computer Literacy Certificate
o Leisure Education Certificate
o Typing Certificate
o Administrative Teacher\'s Assistant
o Maintenance Engineer - Refinish Floors, Detail Cleaning, etc.
o Chemical Distribution Technician
o Dry Cleaning Operator
o Industrial Laundry Operator
o Academic / Vocation Facilitator
o Mathematics Tutor
o Accounting Tutor
o S4M5 Certification in Microsoft Database - I.C.D.L. U.S.A.
o S4M3 Certification in Microsoft Word-processing - I.C.D.L. U.S.A.
o S4M4 Certification in Microsoft Spreadsheet - I.C.D.L. U.S.A.
o Certification in Blood and W y Fluid Clean-Up
o 1st Class Personal trainer - National Fed. of Prof. Trainers
o Certification Master Tutor in Literacy - Laubach Literacy Action
o Security Custody Level 2 (Low Supervision) - D.O.C. Annual Review
o Drug and Alcohol - Level 1 (No Recommendations)
o Job Progress Report: Rating - Very Good / Comments:\"Highly Important\"
o Job Progress Report: Rating – Excellent
o PAACE Award - Outstanding Adult Student in Higher Education
o Article Published - Computers in the Classroom, Montgomery County News
o Superintendent letter of Commendation for Published Article
o Asst. District Attorney\'s Support for Parole and Commutation
o The Inside - Out Prison Exchange Program, Temple University
o Liberation Theology Exchange Course - Villanova University
o Public Safety Initiative: Ending the Culture of Crime
o End Violence
o Helping Other People Everywhere - H.0.P.E
o The Pa. Prison Society
o The Pa. Jay-Cees
o N.A.A.C.P.
o Big Brothers/Pa. Runathon: Volunteer Service Benefiting the Community
o Usher Board - Vice President, SCI Graterford Christian Community
o Walking Your Faith - Facilitator, SCI Frackville Christian Fellowship
o The Armor of God Bible Study Course, Perry Stone Ministries
o Certificate in Discipleship - Training in Prayer, Meditation, Service
o Varsity Power lifting Team - State Championship Qualifier
o Varsity Volleyball Team
o Pa. Runathon Participant