I have served 39 years of a life sentence in a manner consistent with showing remorse and rehabilitation.

I ask for forgiveness from the Norwood family.  I harbor no resentment or bitterness towards my childhood friend (Terry Williams).

I have maintained employment throughout my incarceration, gaining valuable education and skills. And as a man of faith, I look to help others gain their freedom and independence through educational tutoring and mentorship.

I inherited a love for education from my parents and obtained my Associate’s Degree in general studies while being incarcerated. Concerned for community safety, I am actively involved with several organizations committed to reducing crime and violence. One of my passions is finding solutions to the ever increasing incarceration and recidivism rates. As a counselor, I counsel fellow inmates about living destructive lifestyles and encourage them to transform their way of thinking into living with integrity and responsibility.

I remain hopeful that one day; I will regain my freedom and be able to positively contribute to society. I appreciate everyone that has helped me get through the ups and downs, and welcome any assistance that you can provide to help me achieve my goal of freedom.